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DC Eagle Dyke Night

Dyke Night at the DC Eagle
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Seein' as how this is a brand spanking new community and all, you'll just have to sit pretty and wait for more details to come...

Sweet jesus h christ on a pogo stick, we haven't been new for quite awhile. Now spanking, on the other hand...

Where was I? Oh yeah, Dyke Night. Below is the FAQ, updated 05/08. See you at the DC Eagle on the 4th Wednesday, suckas.

You can find us here, too:

Dyke Night FAQ (revised 05/08):

Do I have to be into S&M to go?
Nope. You DO have to be 21 or over, though. Bring your ID! The DC Eagle is a leather bar and lots of the female and trans (and both!) patrons are leatherdykes. It is also a friendly atmosphere for dykes and transpeople of all shapes, colors, and sizes...and nobody will expect or require that you be into anything perverted. Although it's a bonus in many circles there ;)

But isn't the DC Eagle full of big scary guys in black leather with whips and chains?
Um...you should probably stop watching those late night Cinemax movies. Really. Seriously, though, the DC Eagle is a super-friendly neighborhood hangout bar for ALL types of queers. There are suits that come there after work, folks in jeans, dykes in big black boots, all different kinds of people, really. Above all, the DC Eagle is a safe and fun place for dykes and transfolk to hang out...especially on Dyke Night.

I'm scared to go alone. How do I find a friend to go with me?
That's easy! Join our yahoogroup at groups.yahoo.com/group/dceagledykenight and introduce yourself and ask to meet people. We really are a friendly lot. ;)

Why are you doing this?
We want more opportunities for dykes to get laid in this town! Seriously, though, we think it's important that there is a perv-positive place for us to gather, socialize, cruise and/or make new friends. Besides which, the DC Eagle is totally committed to providing a safe and fun place for us to hang out and meet each other.

What do you mean, "transfolk?"
Transfolk is an umbrella term to encompass all of the wonderful varieties and flavors of gender in our community. Dyke Night is a safe, fun place for all transgendered and transsexual people: MTF, FTM, genderqueer, intersexed, questioning, and more…ALL of us.

I am a transwoman. Am I *really* welcome at Dyke Night?
Yes. We are aware of the long history of the exclusion of transwomen in dyke space, which is absolutely unacceptable. As Dyke Night evolves and grows (and we ALL work on our transphobia), we hope to spread the word to more and more of the MTF community that MTFs are *always* welcome.

I am a person of color. Will I be the only non-white face at Dyke Night?
Absolutely not. We're working hard to make sure that Dyke Night (as well as Sunday School) is an inclusive space specifically for people of color...and we also understand that this particular work is and will be an ongoing process, as is the process of unlearning the pervasive racism in our culture. The perception that the leather community is not a welcoming one to people of color is a notion that we will continue to refute, one Dyke Nighter at a time. :)

Doesn't the name "Dyke Night" at the DC Eagle exclude FTMs?
Okay, it's called Dyke Night and not Dyke/Trans night. The name originated because some dykes wanted a space of their own in a leather bar. Today, Dyke Night recognizes that FTMs are a vital part of our community, and while the name is the same, please realize that there is absolutely no change in the commitment to be a trans-inclusive, safe, fun place for dykes and transfolk (both men and women) to hang out.

Can I wear my favorite sneakers/shiny outfit/perfume/cologne to Dyke Night??
While we encourage leather, of course, it's not required; the DC Eagle is a comfortable place to be yourself. Jeans are great! But please, DO NOT WEAR HEAVY PERFUMES OR SCENTS. Dyke Night is for everybody, including those who become ill around heavy perfume or cologne.

Are there a lot of butches? femmes? transwomen? transmen? regular dykes? hell, irregular dykes? all or none of the above?
Yes! There are lots of hot femmes, packing butches, and folks that identify as neither or both...including our trans and non-trans male supporters. Dyke Night welcomes you!

What's with the shoe thing?
The policy at the DC Eagle is NO FLIP FLOPS and NO SLIP-ON SHOES without a heel strap. We'd hate for your sweet little tootsies to get squished by some big stompy boots (it has happened, unfortunately, hence the rule) so please make sure you have appropriate footwear when you visit. You MUST wear shoes that are attached to your cute little feet with at least a heel strap, otherwise the doorperson will NOT allow you in, so again, PLEASE no flip-flops or slip-on sandals, a'ight?

(and a special note to all high-heel lovin' femmes out there, we want your precious feet to be safe so when you wear the stilettos, please make sure that your shoe has a strap and covers your heel, m'kay?)